From Paul Carroll's Studio

"This collection was all about finding and capturing light. Sequins, multi layered, create a shield of light around sheer organza dresses. 

Silks and jerseys mixed with pvc complete the thought of finding light no matter where you stand."

- Paul Carroll 






The Nicolette is for the woman that wants all-over glimmer or wants to add extra shine to her wardrobe.  Each glimmer is made piece by piece.  You will love the details! 













There are several layers to the Nicolette.



Glimmering in the light with a sliver of skin showing.  The Nicolette top and skirt is perfect whether you want to wear it as a set or to mix and match.  Pair the top with jeans or beautifully tailored pants.  The skirt can be worn with a simple top and you will still shine at night.